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I know it turns you off when I

I get talking like a teen

4/26/13 12:29 am

i'm not this girl anymore

i'm wondering if it's time to leave this comfortable identity behind and slip on something new

7/8/12 10:37 am

C awasz

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2/1/11 02:34 am

I feel so emotionally fragile today, as if my whole being could shatter if the wind blew the wrong way.

12/11/10 04:34 pm - just putting this here

best series theme song ever

8/31/10 02:40 am - Tegan and Sara in Asheville


I've already forgotten some :/ luckily there were about a bajillion people taking videos sooooo

The Q&A was interesting; not awkward but a little rowdy. There wasn't a whole lot of banter during the acoustic set I think because of the Q&A

They started off with "Call it Off" and we sang along haha I'M SO BAD AT SINGING ACK

The full band set was better than I could imagine. The bass was soooo intense I was just shaking the entire time from it all.

During "Where Does the Good Go" Tegan had us close our eyes, told us the story of her ex-gf not taking her calls and then breaking up with her, had us imagine that pain and then sing the chorus. And people kept making eye contact with her but it was soooo hard to close my eyes! haha


They really weren't expecting the response they got; after they left the stage we started stomping and cheering and generally being louder than when the full band was playing.


"WHEN I GET UP" (I mean I can't stop writing in caps; I can't believe I got to experience it live!!)

I recorded it with my phone (and then Amber's when my memory ran out) but the video is so shaky because obvs I was so shaky and the sound quality is so bad I can't even tell what they're saying.

but I mean

best night of my life to date

They're so much prettier in person!!!!! And they were already gorgeous.

And the singing was FANTASTIC. I don't think some people's cameras/video recorders can capture it very well at all because they sounded so much better live than in recordings I've seen on youtube.


6/1/10 10:40 pm

i am the el nino and i shall come for your babby in the night.

5/24/10 09:31 pm - for Josie (soapstarjoe0723)

what do you think?

(from "Sentimental Tune" by Tegan and Sara)

it's kinda sloppy, sorry! but i like how it's pretty cohesive ^^

thanks for the requests! <3 <3 <3 i'm still deciding what i want to work on from "Soil, Soil"

5/22/10 05:19 am - encircle me

so i made some more word art (i don't really know what to call it)

tegan and sara, of course.. haha! from "the con"

you can click on it to make it bigger if you want... but this way it doesn't take up too much space on your friends page :)

my scanner made it look super-rough, so i edited it a bit with my pseudo-photoshop editing software... just to soften it up and make it look more like it does on the page.


5/17/10 01:21 am - HNNNNGGGGG

So maybe I'll eventually post something other than music videos... but not today.

Tegan Quin + Against Me! = rock love

I think this song is really good, and would be really good even if Tegan weren't in it. The fact that she is is just a bonus to me.

5/13/10 02:03 am - Watch It

This just... needs to be on your friends page.

I dare you to not fall in love with Tegan (the one getting wrapped in cord) and her Tegan faces.

Tegan and Sara - Call It Off

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